Keep Your Lawn Well Groomed Without Breaking a Sweat

Keep Your Lawn Well Groomed Without Breaking a Sweat

Ask about our landscape maintenance services in the Norwalk, CT area

Keeping up with lawn care can be a challenge. If you need help taking care of your lawn, turn to the professionals at Minute Men Land Services, Inc. Our local landscaper can take that weight off your shoulders. Our landscape maintenance crew will make your Norwalk, CT area lawn look outstanding.

You can count on us for your summer pruning and fall clean-up needs, too. Contact us now to learn more about our landscape maintenance services.

What kind of maintenance services do we provide?

You can count on us for a variety of landscaping services. We can take care of:
  • Fertilizing, to keep your plants healthy
  • Edging, to give your yard a clean-cut appearance
  • Pruning, to keep your trees well-groomed
  • Seeding, to grow lush, good-looking grass
  • Mowing, to maintain your lawn's neat appearance
  • Weeding, to get rid of wild growth in your garden

Call 203-854-4949 now to work with a local landscaper serving the Norwalk, CT area.